Melbourne and Wellington

On 13 July, the Richter City All Stars welcomed Melbourne's Victoria Roller Derby League (VRDL) Queen Bees for a game which would be Richter City’s final hurdle to becoming fully sanctioned by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

The Richter City All Stars have been racking up victories around New Zealand and were eager to meet a new challenge from across the ditch. Over 1,000 fans gathered at the TSB Arena to see how the home team would stack up against the Aussies. With VRDL's fierce reputation as the best league in Australasia, the Queen Bees promised a competitive and unmissable game.

Richter City All Stars v Victorian Roller Derby Queen Bees

Photo credit: Masanori Udagawa

The Queen Bees were quick to assert themselves on the track, demonstrating strong offensive play to counter the All Stars characteristic defensive walls. They were quick to capitalise on a power jam conceded in the first jam to take an early lead. But this was to be no walk over. The All Stars showed their strength of pack awareness and bridging to keep scoring passes to a minimum; doing their best to tire out the jammers early on. The first half saw the score mostly in VRDL's favour - with the All Stars fighting hard to keep up, managing a lead change to keep the crowd on the edge of their seats. But as their blockers focussed on holding the Queen Bees jammers, the All Stars jammers were given a tough time by the hard hitting Bees. At the end of the first half, the Queen Bees had taken a strong lead at 136-83.

Wellington set to take on Melbourne


Welcome Melbourne's VRDL Queen Bees to Wellington as they line up against the Richter City All Stars on Saturday 13 July. VRDL is well-regarded as the top roller derby league in Australia, winning the Australasian Great Southern Slam tournament and having been invited to compete in the championship tournament in the United States in 2012.

The Queen Bees is the league's B Team. But this will be no B-grade match up. Wear purple and orange and throw your support behind your Richter City All Stars.

This will be your last chance to see the Richter City All Stars play at home this year, so don't miss out! Visit to get your tickets.

Home Season Builds Momentum

On Saturday 15 June, Brutal Pageant took to the track with style for their first game of the season. Smash Malice were ready to meet them, with a lot to prove after their loss to Comic Slams at the season opener in April.

The bout introduced plenty of changes and new faces for the crowd, with Brutal Pageant proudly promoting the debuts of Poise n Dart, Gael Force, and Bedlam Bailey. Pageant also welcomed Volcanic Ash (formerly of Comic Slams) and Blocktimus Prime, all the way from chilly Dunedin and new to Richter City. Smash Malice weren’t to be out done with fresh faces, with Scary Maclary joining after a season with Comic Slams in 2012.

Yet, it was a hectic start to the bout. Malice’s Skanda Lass claimed lead jammer and 9 points to boot before taking a trip to the penalty bin, allowing Pageant’s Beatrix Skiddo to rack up18 points. Pageant then took advantage with a strong lead, showing smart clean jamming and smart start line offense. With the pressure on, Malice had to respond. The teams matched point for point in nail biting game play, with Malice just coming out in front at 65-58 at the end of the first half.

20130615 Roller Derby Brutal Pageant v Smash Malice 0043
Jem Molition and Velocity Raptor hold a Pageant jammer. Photo credit: Masanori Udagawa.

The second half saw Pageant break out great defence, holding Malice jammers back for several passes for natural grand slams. Malice sought to pass the star to pivots, but were foiled as Pageant focused in with strong blocking – taking the lead at 78-65. Malice broke the momentum with a time out, and came back fighting – scoring a century and gaining confidence.

2013 Home Game 2 - Smash Malice vs. Brutal Pageant

After seeing the rip roaring start to the season, Brutal Pageant is ready to take things to a next level when they step on the track to compete against Smash Malice. Brutal Pageant has been biding their time, training hard, and it’s time to show the league what they are capable of.

But Smash Malice haven’t been slacking off. The leopard print clad team are hungry for a win after a narrow loss against Comic Slams. Smash Malice need to win this game if they want a shot at the season final – but Brutal Pageant want it just as much.

Richter City’s second home game of the season will take place on Saturday 15 June, when Brutal Pageant take to the track for the first time in 2013 to take on Smash Malice.

Both squads feature an exciting mix of familiar team members and new players, who are ready to surprise us. This match will be fast paced, action packed, and frankly unmissable.

Don your red and pink to support Brutal Pageant, or black and leopard print for Smash Malice; and be ready to spur your favourite team on! Visit to get your tickets.


2013 Interleague Action

While things have been quiet in Wellington, Richter City’s interleague teams have been tearing up the country.

On Saturday 4 May, the Richter City All Stars lined up for a second time against Pirate City Rollers All Scars.

Photo credit: James Yang Photography

This time, the All Stars were on the Pirates’ home turf in Auckland, determined to repeat their winning performance from earlier in the year. The hard work between games paid off – with the All Stars victorious again. The final score was 223 – 189.

Eager to get in on the action, the Richter City Convicts travelled to Palmerston North on Saturday 25 May.

scrr 376

Photo Credit: Sandy Carter Photography

Swamp City Roller Rats were ready for a challenging game, and the Convicts delivered. With a final score of 176 – 103, Convicts returned to Wellington triumphant with a win for their first travel game of the year.

The next interleague game will take place in Auckland on Saturday 22 June. This time, the All Stars will meet to play Auckland Roller Derby League.

Richter City’s home season continues with a bout between Brutal Pageant and Smash Malice on Saturday 15 June. Visit to get your tickets.

2013 Home Season Off To An Exciting Start

Roller Derby match between Smash Malice and Comic Slams

It was a hard fought game on 13 April, but Comic Slams took the win from Smash Malice 161-138.

Comic Slams had a stellar first jam, taking a 35 point lead as Smash Malice conceded a power jam. Their momentum continued, taking 43 points unchallenged before Smash Malice finally got lead jammer and began to chip away at the score. Comic Slams showed strong defensive walls to shut down the scoring opportunities for Smash Malice, closing the first half at 98-56 to Comic Slams.
Roller Derby match between Smash Malice and Comic Slams

But at the beginning of the second half, Smash Malice fought back strongly – aided by a few power jams to get them within a whisker of Slams at 98-84. Smash Malice made some good headway, baffling the crowd with great use of star passing – with cohesive work between their jammers and pivots to get the star through for scoring.

The game saw new players debuting on both teams – with former NSO Skatehoven taking to wheels for Comic Slams, along with Sweaty Pig; while Jamit Frame and Rainbow Renegade donned the leopard print and black with Smash Malice for their first home games for Richter City.

2013 Home Season: Game One 13 April

Richter City Roller Derby’s first home game for 2013 on Saturday will see an epic rematch of last year’s season closer – with winners Comic Slams facing off against Smash Malice to see if they can hold their title for another year.

Roller Derby match between Comic Slams v Smash Malice

Both the blue and silver Comic Slams and leopard print clad Smash Malice have highly competitive streaks, promising a fast paced, action packed game. With the season based on a round robin, the stakes are high – as teams are looking for the biggest points differential to secure their place in the final.

Don’t miss the action at TSB Arena on Saturday 13 April. Doors open at 6pm, with the first whistle at 7pm. Tickets are available at the door or at

Following fast on the heels of a nail-biting season opener game between the Richter City All Stars and Pirate City Rollers from Auckland, the home season game promises more action packed games of edge-of-your-seat roller derby. Season passes are available to see all four home season games for just $45 at the door.

Saturday 13 April – Comic Slams vs. Smash Malice
Saturday 15 June – Smash Malice vs. Brutal Pageant
Saturday 31 August – Brutal Pageant vs. Comic Slams
Saturday 2 November – Season Final.

Photo courtesy of Masanori Udagawa

Swamp City welcomes whole of Richter City

Last Saturday, both Richter City travel teams visited Palmerston North for a winning

The curtain raiser between the Richter City Convicts and the Swamp City Poison Ivies set the
scene for a great display of strong team work and agility.

The Convicts orchestrated a 266 – 69 win, showing their impressive teamwork with strong
defense that held the Ivies to a low score. The Convicts jammers also played their part,
being light on their feet to take advantage of gaps on the inside and outside lines, racking
up the points from the first whistle. Although making it look effortless, the Convicts players
commented that the Ivies made them work hard, as fierce opponents. Ultimately, the
Convicts took the win - limiting the Ivies ability to score by securing lead jammer status in
the majority of jams.

”I couldn't have asked for a better team atmosphere and attitude both going into and during
the game,” said Convicts Captain, Mā Whero Mischief. “The Convicts played as a tight knit
team and showed that roller derby can be both competitive and the most fun you've ever
had for all involved. Even the opposition shared a laugh during the time-outs.”

“As a Coach, I watched my team execute strategy straight from the Convicts game book all
night long. I couldn't be prouder of their performances both on and off the track. It was a
fantastic way to end a great season and the perfect way to show how far this team has come
together this season."

Buoyed by the Convicts’ convincing win, the All Stars were confident going out to the track
to take on Swamp City’s Plague. The Swamp City team had ranked second to Richter City’s
third at this year’s national tournament so Richter City felt the pressure to up their game
and make this one a win.

The All Stars focus on endurance and containment of the opposition jammer gave them
the edge on the night. Capitalising on Swamp City’s trips to the penalty bin, Richter City
were able to build a solid lead. With some of the Swamp Plague’s players taking part in the
Convicts Ivies game, fatigue was showing after two intense bouts. The final score saw the
Richter City All Stars win 185 – 73.

“We went into this game determined to show dominance from the first whistle,” explained
Richter City All Stars Vice Captain, Rusty Stiletto. “We played as a cohesive unit on and off
the track, and used the depth on the bench to its best capacity to take this decisive win.”

“Captain Tuff Bikkies and I are proud of our All Stars, and we can’t wait to take on the
tournament winners, ARDL, this Saturday”.

The warmth of the Swamp City hospitality and the fun camaraderie on the track was enjoyed
by both Richter City teams. Swamp City is a joy to play and Richter City will be looking
forward to the next time they meet.

‘So we meet again’: Wellington roller derby takes on Auckland.

Wellingtonians will get their first chance to cheer on Richter City Roller Derby as they meet the currently unbeaten in New Zealand Auckland Roller Derby League on Saturday the 24th of November.

“This is the first time we have played Auckland Roller Derby League since they knocked us out in the semi finals at the national roller derby tournament in August,” said Richter City’s All Star team captain Tuff Bikkies.

“We are extremely excited and ready for this game. The last time we met was a short length tournament game and there were only 11 points in it, with a final result of 69-58. We are prepared to turn the tables," said Bikkies.

“The All Stars have been training really hard all year and have travelled to play around the country, but our eyes have always been set on this rematch," said Tuff Bikkies.

On top of this, the team is excited for the chance to play at a new venue, the ASB sports centre in Kilbirnie. The ASB centre will be a great venue for Richter City Roller Derby, but has substantially fewer seats than the roller derby audience is used to. Tickets will go quickly, so avid fans will have to be on the button.

“Both Auckland Roller Derby League and Richter City Roller Derby are focused on fitness and athleticism, so the crowd on Saturday are in for a hard and close game," Bikkies explained.

“Auckland has some of the best players in the country, but Richter City has a very deep bench and a really cohesive team."

“We are looking forward to showing Auckland what we have been working on since we last met; I’m confident it will be a great game"

Game details:
Venue: ASB Sports Arena,72 Kemp St, Kilbirnie
Time: Saturday 24th November, 4.30pm
Price: $15 incl booking fee from

A Third Victory for RCRD's Convicts for 2012

Richter City Roller Derby’s Convicts took their orange power to the East Coast on 27 October for a face off with Bay City Rollers. Victory saw them achieve their third win of the travel season, with a final score of 156 – 94.

The double header ‘Night of the Skating Dead’ was well attended by fans, who were decked out in their spookiest attire for the Halloween theme. The curtain raiser game between Levin’s Whenua Fatales and BCR’s B-Team Twisted Sisters warmed up the crowd, with Levin snatching a win out of BCR's grasp.

The home league was given another chance to show their fans what they can do on the track, as the A Team challenged Wellington’s RCRD’s Convicts for a second time this year.

BCR stepped up their game several notches since the two teams met in Tauranga earlier this year. Their training efforts were clear to see, as they sent out excellent defensive walls. Their strong jammers achieved lead jammer status frequently, keeping up the pressure on the Convicts through the whole game.

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