Coaching Services

Richter city’s coaches are Bubble O’Kill, Princess Slayer, Skanda Lass, Suffer Jet, Tuff Bikkies and Vicious Veggie. As full skating members of Richter City they have all skated for a minimum of 4 years and have diverse backgrounds in sports, athletics, and teaching strategies. RCRD’s coaches have coached leagues across New Zealand with positive responses, and are available to teach any level of skating ability.

Our coaching services can cover technical skating skills, fitness, derby strategy, pack and jammer specific training and league coaching advice for various skill levels. We are a friendly, supportive, and enthusiastic bunch of derby lovers who can tailor trainings to suit the needs of your league.

For more information on RCRD’s coaching services, or if you would like to hire us to train with your league, please contact Head coach – Suffer Jet at

Our coaches: Suffer Jet, Beatrix Skiddo, Princess Slayer, Skanda Lass, Bubble O’Kill.