Richter City is always looking for new Refs to join our league and team Zebra. Reffing is a great way to get involved with roller derby and keep skating. Refs are welcome at all Richter City league trainings and are encouraged to participate in some skill based drills as well as reffing drills and scrimmage. Refs are not required to wear quad skates, which means all you bladers can give it a shot! You can start your ref training at anytime!

Non-Skating Officials

A Non-Skating Official is a very important part of the roller derby game. They do not wear skates and are found in the penalty box as time keepers, in the middle of the track as penalty wranglers, running the score board etc. NSO’s come to planned scrimmage training sessions, they get a front row seat on gameday and it’s a great way to be involved with Richter City. We encourage all Freshmeat to volunteer as NSO’s as it’s a great way to get to know people in the league and learn more about roller derby. Richter City train NSO’s frequently during the home season, so get involved now.

If you are interested in getting involved, email us at