Garage Project – There comes a time in any brewery’s life when they need to make the serious decision about what sports team they’ll get behind. For Garage Project this decision was simple – roller derby. Garage Project is proud to support such an impressive bunch as the Richter City team, and are so inspired by their attitude that we brewed a beer especially for them – Pils’n’Thrills. If they are out their putting their bodies on the line, the least we can do is serve up a cold beer to follow.



Thunderpants design and make super-comfy yet super-tough clothing and undies in New Zealand from 100% organic cotton. Thunderpants are designing and making our new uniforms and kindly supplying us with their fantastic undies for us to sell and raise money for the team. You will see us selling them at our games and for every pair we sell we get $10 from the proceeds.



Te Aro Physiotherapy & Pilates is a physiotherapy clinic that strives for excellence in all aspects of our care. Our goal is always to get our patients back on their feet and back to work, the dancefloor, the sports field and, now that we are sponsors of Richter City, back on their skates. Te Aro Physio aims to work with Richter City to prevent injuries and aid fast recovery with those injuries that do happen. We are excited to help Richter City members continue to perform to the best of their ability.

Friends of Richter City

Richter City has some amazing friends on board who provide us with discounts, raffle prizes, and “in-kind” support.

So far this year our friends include:

Jam Hair Co. – Thanks for being our longest running friend and for the fantastic raffle vouchers
Antojitos – for supplying our fans with great food on bout night
Aotearoller – Thanks for giving us discounts on derby related gear
Battlefield – Thanks for giving us great merch deals
Jen Wittig from FORM Massage Therapy-Thanks for giving us discounted massages
Car Therapy – thanks for giving us a good deal on WOFs and donating 5% of opted-in RCRD sales to the league
The Witchery NZ