Travel Teams
Richter City Roller Derby has two travel teams. They are split into the A team, the All Stars, and our B team, the Convicts. Our travel teams compete with other leagues across the country and internationally. We are proud to have several of our All Stars representing the best in the country as members of Roller Derby Team New Zealand.

The All Stars have competed in division 1 of the Great Southern Slam (TGSS) Tournament 2014 in Adelaide, traveled to Canberra in June 2015 and played WFTDA sanctioned gamed and received our WFTDA debut ranking and most recently travelled to Melbourne to take part in Victorian Roller Derby League’s (VRDL) Invitation in November 2015. We are currently ranked at #157 and are travelling to the Gold Coast, Australia in late April 2016 for further WFTDA sanctioned games.

The Convicts are heading over the ditch to Australia this year too! We are taking part in The Great Southern Slam (TGSS) 2016 in Adelaide. This is the first time the Convicts will take part in an international tournament.

Both the All Stars and the Convicts are participating in the inaugural NZ Roller Derby Top Ten Champs this year with games based all around NZ with teams from both the North Island and the South Island. Travel teams are great to be a part of, but expensive for our players! If you’d like to help us out please visit our Givealittle page.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on how the games are going and what’s coming up when.

RCRD- All Stars


Bailey’s Comet – 162
Berocca Bomba – 17
Bubble O’Kill – 9
Braid Runner – 197
Cher Trouble – 26
Chemi-Kill Warfare – 777
Ella Kazam – 3
Firecrakah – 511
Gael Force ‪- 1re‬
Greta Growler – 77
J’Knee Dodgem – 102
Margaret Snatcher – 1r0n‬
May Maim – 58
Nerdiator – 404
Princess Slayer – 666
Skanda Lass – 78
Suffer Jet – 5
Tino Turnher – 123
Tu High – 188
Tuff Bikkies – 101

RCRD- Convicts


Anna KausaComa – 459
Berocca Bomba – 17
Boo Hu – 2
Braid Runner – 197
Chemi-Kill Warfare – 777
Claire the Decks –
Greta Growler – 77
May Maim – 58
Lucy Flawless – 8
Professor Chaos – 1
Redrum – 268
Sting – 109
Sweet Mama Mia – 127
Tu High – 188